Resident Evil: Afterlife

Year: 2010
Production Co: Constantin FilmProduktion
Studio: Summit Entertainment
Director: Paul W S Anderson
Producer: Paul W S Anderson
Writer: Paul W S Anderson
Cast: Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter

We reconvene with Alice (Jovovich) as we left her at the end of the last movie, ready to infiltrate the huge underground headquarters of the Umbrella Corporation and take out the brass in revenge for the T virus, the disappearance of her friends and every other indignity she and her clone selves have suffered at its hands.

In the kind of too-easy opening salvo, her small army busts into the top secret facility and dispatches floor after floor of elite guards while Alice herself stows away aboard the escape craft of the evil CEO, sending it crashing into the mountains.

Her task seemingly done, there's nothing left for Alice to do but rejoin her friends in the rumoured safe haven of Arcadia, somewhere in Canada. After picking up Claire (Larter), who seems to have had her memory wiped, Alice follows the Arcadia signal back to LA where she lands on the roof of a prison complex to help the survivors holed up there.

The gang soon learns Arcadia is actually a ship docked just offshore, and if they can get through the flesh eating hordes below and around them they might finally make it to safety. But the Umbrella Corporation has other plans, the indestructible CEO isn't dead, the Arcadia isn't what it seems and Alice's biggest battle is still to come when they discover thousands of survivors in special pods on board, all of them emblazoned with the Umbrella logo.

I realise that whole review sounds like the press notes, but after this long, franchise overlord Anderson (back to directing after Russell Mulcahy took the reins on Resident Evil: Extinction) and his wife and star Jovovich know exactly what they're doing. There's a minimum of high art, good fight scenes and CGI work and with a global haul of three times its budget the business model doesn't look like stopping any time soon.

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