Year: 2009
Production Co: Parker Film Company
Director: Jonathan Parker/Manfred Baumann
Producer: Jonathan Parker/Catherine DiNapoli
Writer: Jonathan Parker/Catherine DiNapoli
Cast: Adam Goldberg, Marley Shelton, Vinnie Jones, Lucy Punch

I saw the trailer to this film by accident and thought it looked like a great find – a critique of the art world that was subtly acerbic instead of resorting to a lot of populist potshots (the sort you usually get from the 'my five year old kid could do that' of the mainstream).

I was partly disappointed because although the characters and some individual scenes ended up better than the whole the end result was a little flaccid. Adam Goldberg is the hero Adrian, an experimental music maker trying to make it in a world that just doesn't understand his art. In his eternal quest to move on from outdated modes of thinking like rhythm and melody, his act includes anything from kicking a swinging bucket to 60 seconds of complete silence.

He meets pretty, ambitious gallery director Madeleine (Shelton), who falls into bed with him but won't stop her search for talented emerging artists like the nervy Monroe, whose work includes a post-it note on a wall and a doorstop barring entry to his apartment.

A similar group of characters surround the pair, from the dotcom millionaire turned art collector to Adrian's erstwhile music partner The Clarinet (Punch), and the film thankfully never treats them as outright idiots, retaining a smart edge in doing so.

Goldberg is a lot like Woody Allen, wearing his terminally angry, sarcastic persona on his sleeve and delivered with every venom-laced word. He should be a bigger comic star and while this film displayed his talents fully it needed a bit more flesh on its very stylish bones.

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