Just Go With It

Year: 2011
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Director: Dennis Dugan
Producer: Adam Sandler
Writer: Allan Loeb/Timothy Dowling
Cast: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker, Nicole Kidman

The title of the movie could be Adam Sandler's approach to his whole career. Boy meets girl, overcomes implausible plot conceit so they can be together, plenty of guffaws, comic sidekick, Sandler as the sarcastic straight man in the centre of it all and either Frank Coraci or Dennis Dugan behind the camera. Just go with it, Adam...

This film actually says more about the almost-imperceptible decline of Jennifer Aniston's career of late. Once upon a time she didn't need to do anything unless she had the above the title credit all to herself, now she's leading lady foil to cinema's favourite manboy.

Not that Aniston isn't a good actress and nor is it that she has a good sense of comedy, thankfully making this movie more than a one-note Sandler show. She's better than the vacuous Brooklyn Decker, whose best performance is when she walks her mouth-watering body out of the surf in slow motion.

Sandler is plastic surgeon and serial lover Danny, who relies on his sardonic receptionist Katherine (Aniston) for everything and whom we're not supposed to guess for another 85 minutes he'll realise he's in love with.

He meets the supermodel of his dreams and when she discovers the wedding ring he keeps in his pocket to discourage conquests from hanging around the morning after he has to make up an ever-convoluted story about being married but getting divorced and roping Katherine and her kids in to pose as his former family. Throw in a goofball brother, precocious and mouthy kids and it's all wrapped up in very familiar packaging.

The biggest problem with this film is the stereotypes about genders relations, the fact that there are armies of women out there who'll screw you once and then disappear when you pull out a fake wedding ring might seem to make sense in a movie, but as always, ask yourself how the people around you in your life really behave.

Maybe it's time for Sandler to do the same. This shtick was already boring before Punch Drunk Love and he's just gone back to coasting on it ever since.

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