My Favorite Year

Year: 1982
Studio: MGM
Director: Richard Benjamin
Writer: Norman Steinberg
Cast: Peter O'Toole, Mark Linn-Baker, Joseph Bologna

A small time TV runner has to get a famous, boozing actor to an appearance on a well-known variety show. Sound familiar? If you never knew this movie existed, you'd think Get Him To The Greek was completely original.

Peter O'Toole is fading silver screen star Alan Swann, Mark Linn-Baker (out of Perfect Strangers) is young network guy Benjy, charged with getting the constantly drunk and often shagging Alan to his appearance on a late night TV playhouse show where egomaniac King Kaiser (Joseph Bologna) is the tough talking but insecure star.

While trying to keep Swann out of trouble long enough to do his appearance, young Benjy learns a thing or two about life and fame couresty of the constantly up-for-it Swann, but mostly it's a collection of light Blake Edwards-flavoured humour that doesn't really go very far.

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