Year: 2011
Studio: Universal
Director: Greg Mottola
Producer: Tim Bevan/Eric Fellner
Writer: Nick Frost/Simon Pegg
Cast: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen, Kirsten Wiig, Jeffrey Tambor, Jane Lynch, Jason Bateman, David Koechner, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Hader, John Carroll Lynch, Blythe Danner

I can see the appeal for Nick Frost and Simon Pegg to do this film, also for the studio for backing it. They enjoyed and wanted to tap into the whole geek/comic/movies/fanboy zeitgeist and plonk it in the middle of a wish fulfillment fantasy where the doofus heroes really do meet an alien.

To give it comedy, Paul (Rogen) turns out to be as lazy, profane and idiotic as the boys (Frost and Pegg) enjoying a road trip across America after their geekgasm attending Comic Con.

It's a little thin to support a feature film so a few subplots like the daughter of the gun toting fundamentalist (Wiig) are thrown in and stirred around to pad things out. The story hangs together by the merest of threads because it's all a device to deliver the laughs, and you get the feeling Frost and Peff (as writers) started off by knowing what their jokes would be and hammered the rest together from there.

It's mostly a love letter to a both a cultural movement and to the Frost/Pegg style of humour, and inasfar as it reaches for that goal it works as good as you can expect. Despite a few honest chuckles there's nothing too surprising.

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