The Losers

Year: 2010
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Sylvain White
Writer: Peter Berg/James Vanderbilt
Cast: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evan, Idris Elba, Jason Patric

I'm not sure whether the appearance of The A Team around the same time relegated this film to also-ran status, but it was the more comic book-style (no doubt based on one, I haven't bothered to check) and freewheeling ride of the two.

Like its more successful erstwhile cousin it deals with a team of crack soldiers betrayed and abandoned by their country and commanders who survive to become mercenaries out for revenge.

The movie is a process of using all their distinctive talents (wisecracking chief among them) to sneak, fight and blast their way back to the former CIA handler (Patric, funniest of the lot) who targeted them for death.

A series of funny and ever-extreme action sequences abandon realism for laughs and thrills, and if Hannibal, BA and the gang had inhabited this film it would have suited them better.

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