Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

Year: 2002
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: Steve Oedekerk
Producer: Steve Oedekerk
Writer: Steve Oedekerk
Cast: Steve Oedekerk

'What do you get when you cross an owl and a bungee cord?... My ass!' It's a sample line of dialogue and all you need to know about Kung Pow, the big screen's answer to the new generation of YouTube mashups Web 2.0 went on to enable. In fact if it had been released five years later it probably would have done better.

Taking two otherwise-forgotten Hong Kong martial arts movies from the 70s, former Jim Carrey writing partner Steve Oedekerk has used high end special effects to intercut himself into the action in an all new story and the lowest possible standard of scriptwriting to tell it.

Everything about it's puerile, crass, obvious and dumb, but if you're in the right mindset, it works. This isn't one to watch in a double bill with a Fellini or Truffaut chin-scratcher – it's a beer and pizza video night movie.

The young hero is the chosen one to restore the land to peace and depose the bloodthirsty warlord reigning terror over the land. His name? Chosen One. Actually the plot is more or less disposable, it's probably the same as that of The Savage Killers and Shao Lin hu ho chen tien hsia (from which the footage is taken).

But like Flying High, no chance for the stupidest possible joke is ignored, from the ridiculous voice of the heroine (who for some reason wails 'wee-oo-wee-oo' after every sentence) to the classically obtuse lines ('a tiny net is a death sentence').

Whether it's because of the evil villain changing his name to Betty or the loud cry of 'that's a lot of nuts!', you'll remember it for a long time if you were in the right mood when you watched it.

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