Attack the Block

Year: 2011
Production Co: StudioCanal
Director: Joe Cornish
Writer: Joe Cornish
Cast: Jodie Whittaker, Nick Frost, Terry Notary

A movie mash-up if ever there was one, the crossroads between Kidulthood and Skyline as aliens invade a hellhole council estate in the slums of South London.

We start by meeting Sam (Whittaker) as she makes her way home until a gang of local toughs hold her up, terrify her out of her wits and relieve her of her phone and purse. Sam flees back to her flat while the thugs enjoy their spoils, but they're interrupted by an object falling out of the sky to crash upon a nearby car.

The thing turns out to be a monster with glowing sharp teeth and blacker than black fur, and after the kids capture and kill it it's the first of many. The skies are soon full of the falling monsters and they start stalking the guys throughout the block of the title before they have to team up with the only people who can offer safety, local drug dealer Ron (Frost) and Sam herself.

It's a good joke to start off with and there's enough action and plot to keep it going so it never runs out of steam. Writer/director Cornish also manages the feat of having his script and cast keep a straight face while the movie as a whole doesn't shy away from the absurdity of the situation. Like a zombie apocalypse in South Central LA's gangland or a visit from Satan in a modern office tower it's two completely different movies blended together seamlessly and great fun.

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