Year: 1996
Production Co: Castle Rock
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Director: Andrew Bergman
Producer: Andrew Bergman
Writer: Andrew Bergman
Cast: Demi Moore, Burt Reynolds, Ving Rhames, Armand Assante, Robert Patrick, Rumer Willis, Pandora Peaks

It was the height of Demi Moore's power. She commanded huge salaries (her $12m payday was a record at the time) and took any role she wanted. So the big question everyone wanted to know was whether she'd appear topless or naked, or would this be a PG version of a stripper's life?

The good news for pervy fans (and she's worth it) is that Demi goes the whole hog in several eye-popping scenes of erotic near-nudity. The movie isn't particularly lecherous about it, but little is hidden as she gyrates like an authentic stripper with a chair, a G string and nothing else. She obviously trained properly to learn the moves.

Unfortunately audiences were already discerning in 1996 and the PG-style storyline (despite the devices of strippers and corruption) was a little too asinine to really thrill or invest in emotionally.

Moore is Erin, loving mother to a little girl who made the mistake of marrying a bozo yokel (Patrick, mugging it up to almost Jim Carrey proportions) who gets custody of her girl and causes her to lose her job. The only work Erin can get is as a stripper, where the customers border on creepy and the girls and bouncer Shad (Rhames) form an erstwhile family.

But a high level congressman (Reynolds) with a stripper fetish takes too much a liking to Erin after he's photographed in her club and his electoral bid is compromised, and Erin is plunged into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the dumb and horny congressman and his dangerous handlers. Cop Garcia (Assante, as terrible as ever with his all-over-the-place ham-Italian voice) comes to her aid but in the end Erin has to use her wits as well as her tits to get her daughter back and expose the sleazy politico at the same time.

Take out the then-beautiful Moore's nude scenes and it would have been a below-average, run of the mill comedy thriller. If you'd told me around the time of St Elmo's Fire (when I was Hopelessly in love with her) that she's one day appear near-nude in a movie I'd be salivating. But nothing about the marketing for the movie made me interested enough to want to see it at the time.

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