What’s Your Number?

Year: 2011
Production Co: Regency Enterprises
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: Mark Mylod
Writer: Gabrielle Allan/Jennifer Crittenden
Cast: Anna Faris, Chris Evans. Blythe Danner, Ed Begley Jr

This is another studio comedy that has a strong idea at its core but can't help being held sway by too many romantic comedy tropes. It does have a slightly sexier and more adult edge than the real fairy floss we see the likes of Katherine Heigl in, but it's no less predictable.

After she's shocked to discover the number of her lovers is higher than usual, stereotypical New York gal Ally (Faris) decides one of them must be the true love that got away, believing a magazine article that says if you've been with more than 20 guys you'll never marry.

She enlists the help of the obnoxious but lovable ladies man across the hall, Colin (Evans) – who she'll in no way end up falling in love with instead, surely – to track down all her previous boyfriends, and the script has to take up about half the movie just tossing them from one comic situation to another as she tries to line up meetings with them all using Colin's help.

Faris has a wide-eyed, gawky innocence that's a pleasure to watch and some true comic talent – unafraid to make herself look ridiculous for a laugh. The two qualities give her more than the presence to carry a film herself and even though Evans is coasting a little in pretty boy mode he has just enough charisma to support her.

Like many films of its ilk, the enjoyment is to be found in the one-off laughs, certainly not the plot, which the trailer lays out in its entirety.

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