Year: 1986
Production Co: Planet Productions
Director: Richard Wenk
Producer: Donald Borchers
Writer: Richard Wenk/Donald Borchers
Cast: Chris Makepeace, Robert Rusler, Grace Jones

This is the third film (along with A View to a Kill and Conan the Destroyer) to prove that when it comes to using Grace Jones in a film, the best approach is to let her slink around in a crazy outfit and not open her mouth too much.

Because she's an amazing looking (rather than beautiful) woman, but ask her to act and the edifice of quality comes tumbling down – they were smart enough to realise as much here. Aside from the timeless quality of Jones on screen, everything about this film screams '80s', from the fashion and hairstyles to the dialogue and special effects.

College friends Keith (Makepeace) and AJ (Rusler) share such easy chemistry the obvious scripting of it borders on painful, and after pledging to a fraternity of losers they promise to liven up the party by providing strippers for a big forthcoming frat event.

They want to go to a very hot strip club they've heard about and through a convenient plot contrivance they have to take an annoying/funny sidekick character along because he has the car.

Once there they're bewitched in equal parts by the enigmatic dancer Katrina (Jones) and a former almost-girlfriend of Keiths. While AJ goes backstage to get some action with Katrina, she reveals her true colours as she transforms into a hideous beast and sinks her teeth into his neck.

The dancer and staff are vampires, you see, and the club is a front to provide food by luring in itinerants who won't be missed. But after attacking local boys, the bloodsuckers have made a mistake, especially when Keith and the rapidly-changing AJ decide to fight back.

It might have made a minor splash when it was released, but there were way better vampire movies even back then and the trappings of the time are so obvious now it's nearly impossible to see the core.

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