The People vs George Lucas

Year: 2010
Production Co: Exhibit A Pictures
Director: Alexandre O Philippe
Writer: Alexandre O Philippe

A very serious documentary that doesn't forget how fun it is. Like little kids playing dress ups, it's from the hearts of film geeks everywhere for whom Star Wars is a very serious subject but who know very well they're arguing about movies and that life could be a lot worse than just being upset because of a movie.

It's an extremely well presented and considered case against the evils committed by George Lucas with the Stars Wars films. The tone, balancing on a knife edge between get-a-life seriousness and all-comedy-with-no-teeth on the other, makes The People vs George Lucas wry as well as just plain funny. Many of the best lines make you nod your head knowingly, fully aware that Lucas didn't really rape your childhood but grateful that you can be so passionate about something and you can keep a straight face while saying so.

The movie separates the sleights visited upon fans by Lucas into chapters concentrating on individual grievances like Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, the endless tweaks and changes with every subsequent release and the never-ending additions to the canon the cynical see as shameless money spinners. No less than Francis Ford Coppola himself says we've seen little of what Lucas can really do as a director because he won't leave the endless Star Wars TV shows, merchandising and video games behind.

It was put together from hundreds of hours of interview and archival footage ranging from the guys who made the Star Wars fan film Troops on YouTube to original producer Gary Kurtz and dozens of fans, directors and observers in between.

It will by no means (as one astute review said) put an end to the debates, and it's not about that. It's about putting them together in an easy to digest package, and by nature of the passions involved, it happens to be very funny too – as many of the participants are smart enough to point out.

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