Black Knight

Year: 2001
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: Gil Junger
Writer: Darryl J Quarles/Peter Gaulke/Gerry Swallow
Cast: Martin Lawrence, Tom Wilkinson

Put together two hardly exciting elements – Martin Lawrence and the fish out of water comedy – and this is what you'll get. Everything from the laughs to the plot is as tiresome and predictable as you expect. The only mystery was why an actor of Tom Wilkinson's calibre stooped so low, unless he had no idea who Lawrence was or they recast to make it a comedy after the fact.

Lawrence is a homeboy working at a medieval theme park who falls and hits his head, waking up in 17th century England surrounded by kings, knights and feudal lords. How will a brother from the hood with his vernacular, dress sense and disposition handle the land of brutality, treachery and royalty. Doth hilarity ensue?

No. A shit in a swimming pool is more deserving of laughter. The more pertinent question is just how a princess in medieval England can be African American.

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