Blood Creek

Year: 2009
Production Co: Gold Circle Films
Director: Joel Schumacher
Writer: David Kajganich
Cast: Henry Cavill, Dominic Purcell, Michael Fassbender

Joel Schumacher either lost all his cachet in Hollywood after Batman and Robin and he can only get gigs on small arthouse and horror flicks like Flawless and The Number 23, or he was so traumatised by the experience he vowed never to work in the studio system again.

This is a classic example of what he's been doing more or less well in the last ten years. The high concept premise introduces a program where Nazi officials travelled the world during the war to find ancient runestones that could be used to raise people from the dead to form unkillable soldiers. The story starts with one in particular (Fassbender), who travels to a hillbilly farm in rural America and starts his terrible experiments.

70 years later a young medic, haunted by his brother's disappearance, is going nowhere taking care of his Alzheimers afflicted father. But when his brother suddenly shows up one night, unshaven and terrified, he explains little apart from the need to return to a farmhouse where he's apparently been hostage for years.

It turns out the Nazi scientist is still there, haunting the farm like some demigod, the farming family – not having aged a day thanks to the witchcraft involved – plying him with regular blood sacrifices. The brother has been one such intended victim but has escaped and now wants revenge.

The pair bust into the farmhouse, intending to kill the inhabitants, but soon discover not only that they're very hard to kill but that there's a much worse fate waiting for them.

With zombies still at the top of the pop culture horror tree and thanks to the success of The Walking Dead and films with a million different viewpoints on the classic zombie mythology, it's very hard to stand out or offer anything distinctive. Even though this is slickly produced and directed it doesn't really do anything special, but Schumacher's still very much a director to keep watching.

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