Year: 1984
Production Co: City Films
Director: John Derek
Writer: John Derek
Cast: Bo Derek, George Kennedy, Olivia D'Abo

There was absolutely no reason to call this movie Bolero other than because it was the name of the classical music from the most iconic sex scene of her career – cavorting in bed with Dudley Moore in 10.

Stylistically and tonally, it's a perfect 80s soft porn movie, with ideas way above its station and a view to being a classy investigation into the ways of love when it's nothing more than a gilded skin flick with a costume budget.

Not that I have any reason to think Derek did any of these movies against her will, but with her husband John directing, it's hard not to think of the abusive husband of Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace, whom she later claimed forced her into pornography. Bo has so many nude and sex scenes it's hard not to imagine John leering behind the camera as he shows the world what he's getting at home.

Bo plays college graduate Linda, who travels the world with her best friend and her minder/driver Cotton (Kennedy, who should be more embarrassed by this than the Airport movies) with the purpose of losing her virginity to a rich man. She tries and then abandons an oil sheikh after he falls asleep on top of her, then finds her way to Spain where she shacks up with an horse riding bullfighter.

It's hard to say what's weirder, a barely pubescent Marayam D'Abo who plays a hanger on at the hero's mansion with plenty of nude scenes herself, or a strange coda where the oil sheikh returns to kidnap Linda because he's in love with her (she escapes by simply jumping out of his biplane after takeoff – as you do).

What you really have to do to appreciate this appeal of this movie is cast your mind back to 1984, before the Internet and when VCR technology was still maturing. The many scenes of flesh would have been scorching hot and worn out the heads of many a VHS player at the time. The abysmal acting and scripting hardly mattered, but today it's just a museum piece which isn't even that rude any more.

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