Love Camp 7

Year: 1969
Production Co: Olympic International FIlms
Director: R L Frost
Producer: R W Cresse
Writer: R W Cresse
Cast: R W Cresse

This hilarious travesty must be the template for a hundred cheap grindhouse horrors, it has so many of the trappings the Tarantino school has bought to us all in the online era (Nazis, sex farce, 'it's all true').

Love Camp 7 is a brothel camp where Jewish women are sent to service officers and guards of the Nazi forces. Two US army hotties are sent to the camp posing as captives, which means the script takes every opportunity to show them undressed (even while they're being briefed at headquarters prior to the mission, in order to make sure being naked in front of strangers won't make them break character).

But their secret orders are to find a rocket scientist who was last seen there and who's knowledge could turn the tide of the war and break her out with the help of the French resistance. Of course, things go awry and the extraction is put on hold, giving the girls a few weeks to suffer the indignities and sexual torture of captivity at Love Camp 7.

And it's all presided over by the Commandant (Cresse, who produced and wrote it), a moustache-twirling Nazi caricature so over the top all other bad Nazi impressions owe him a spiritual debt by default.

Just like the meta-grindhouse movement that's still so popular 40 years later, you could look at Love Camp 7 and imagine it had been made 12 months ago with loving, painstaking care given to reproducing the continuity errors, dodgy blocking and $14.99 a roll film stock.

Even though the word 'camp' in the title is the USP, it doesn't even begin to cover what's inside. You'll either be bored stiff and rolling your eyes every two minutes, or you'll view it through the prism of the modern love affair with the genre and have a great time.

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