The Collection

Year: 2012
Production Co: LD Entertainment
Director: Marcus Dunstan
Writer: Marcus Dunstan/Patrick Melton
Cast: Emma Fitzpatrick, Josh Stewart

If you see this in the cinema, you might need earplugs. To heighten up the tension and the scares when they do happen, EVERYTHING IS EXTREMELY LOUD.

Otherwise it's a fairly bog standard slasher complete with an amoral masked madman, a hero and heroine and a team of supporting players to be picked off in grisly fashion.

It also takes a big leaf out of the Saw playbook by giving the villain a huge playground and staggering skills (and resources) in engineering to have blades, spikes and other grisly traps dismember the cast in increasingly convoluted and creative ways. But this psycho isn't punishing people or playing games with them – he wants them dead so he can build gruesome models of bugs and insects out of their bones and innards.

It's a sequel to a movie I haven't seen where the hero Arkin (Josh Stewart) ended up in the murderer's clutches. When the guy snatches another victim in pretty good girl Elena (Fitzpatrick), Arkin uses the opportunity to escape.

But Elena's rich and powerful father is determined to get her back, hiring a team of mercenaries who force Arkin to take them back to where he remembers being tortured and track down the killer.

Once inside the giant abandoned hotel, the fun and games start. Elena manages to get herself out of the signature crate that's become the iconic motif of the series and while Arkin and the team of strapped but suspiciously easy to kill urban soldiers search for her, she searches for a way out. And the killer stalks them all, one step ahead to dispense all manner of gory fates on them.

There are a few things in the plot that makes it stand out among the slasher genre if they're your thing, but enough so it's all pretty familiar. It takes a serious approach but that won't stop you laughing at some of the more outrageous splashings of claret, or jumping out of your chair WHEN SOMETHING REALLY LOUD HAPPENS.

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