Broken Embraces

Year: 2009
Production Co: Univeral Pictures International
Director: Pedro Almodovar
Writer: Pedro Almodovar
Cast: Penelope Cruz

I'm not the world's biggest Almodovar fan, but from what I know about him, this is a classic of his style – a sexy and melodramatic tragedy.

We meet a blind screenwriter named Harry who lives a pleasant but empty existence writing, assisted by his former agent and her son.

When he learns of the death of a wealthy industrialist, memories about an affair resurface and we learn his story. A film director, he fell in love with the winsome leading lady (Cruz), who was the mistress of the industrialist, who also happened to bankroll the film.

But the pair couldn't keep their love secret for long, and when the rich benefactor exacts his revenge, it robs Harry of his sight and almost everything else.

It felt like a very long movie, so crammed with plot and high emotion, and if I know anything about Almodovar, he loves his tragic love stories.

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