Year: 2003
Production Co: Fish Eye Network
Director: Amit Sexana
Writer: Niranjan Iyengar
Cast: John Abraham, Bipasha Basu

I first heard about this movie in an online article about the worst movie posters to come out of Cannes in the year it was previewed there.

First of all, the fact that a film this bad can debut at Cannes makes me think anyone can get a movie shown there. Secondly, yes – of course I watched it hoping for soft porn, all the while sniggering at the name. And no, I didn't figure out that the word 'jism' is simply Hindi for 'body', and that I'd endure an almost unwatchable, camp Bollywood classic with less glimpses of flesh than you can see on network TV after 8.30pm.

What's more, even though it had nothing to do with porn I think the enterprising producer latched onto any ironic cult appeal it had garnered, sank money into a sequel and cast Indian/American porn actress Sunny Leone and furthered the scam to put butts in seats.

Kabil (Abraham) is a deadbeat lawyer bumming around Pondicherry going nowhere when he sees and immediately sets his sights on the delectable Sonia (Basu). He sets about seducing her and succeeds, but because of the husband she says is well connected and potentially violent, they have to conduct their affair in secret, Kabil torn up every time the rich, jealous husband comes home and gets his claws on Kabil's prize.

Somewhere along the way they hatch the idea to kill the husband, because Sonia refuses to leave him and lose all her wealth. Gradually, as in love as he is, Kabil agrees, and the pair hatch a devilish plan to ensure they can stay together.

It's not giving too much away to say the premise is straight of the 40s noir playbook, with a slapdash hero, a beautiful and mysterious woman with a hidden agenda and a love triangle that's more dangerous by the minute. Throw in some very cheesy Bollywood songs whose lyrics have been imported straight from a J-Pop tune and you have a classically bad movie.

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