Real Women Have Curves

Year: 2002
Production Co: HBO Films
Director: Patricia Cardoso
Writer: Josephina Lopez/George LaVoo
Cast: America Ferrara

This wasn't at all the kind of movie I'd have sought out, I just happened to watch it while it was on and then kept watching to try and spot all the landmarks and localities I know from LA.

It wears its heart on its sleeve about its intentions – that women comes in all shapes, sizes and types, and despite the midday movie feel it's honest and genuine.

Ana (Ferrera) is leaving high school and becoming a woman in LA. She's smart, ambitious and bristles against her traditional Mexican parents' upbringing – particularly that of her staunch mother – and her older sister, who she sees as having bought into the traditional myths.

But as she struggles with the first stirrings of love and sexuality and independence in the adult world, she learns a few things about what the older women surrounding her have faced too.

Fererra is firey and quite lovely as Ana, the drama is gentle and the sentiment heartfelt.

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