L’année des Méduses

Year: 1984
Director: Christopher Frank
Writer: Christopher Frank
Cast: Caroline Cellier, Bernard Giraudeau, Jacques Perrin, Beatrice Agenin, Barbara Nielsen, Valerie Kaprisky

I can't remember what made me want to watch this movie – probably the promise of plenty of naked breasts (which it delivered is droves), but like the films of Bo Derek, that was enough to get anyone watching quasi-sexual melodrama like this before internet porn was so readily available.

Mostly-nude ingenue Chris goes on holiday to the French Riviera with her equally sexy and free-spirited mother. Even though married to Chris' father, her mother enjoys just as many affairs as Chris does, particularly with the cocksure Romain.

It drives Chris crazy that she can't woo Romain away from her mother, so she embarks on a series of one night stands with completely inappropriate members of their circle of friends, breaking hearts all over in a misguided effort to take revenge on her mother's sexual superiority.

It's very French – at a time when a breast in an American movie was a big deal, the skimpy bikinis worn (and taken off) here are casually never-ending. Everyone dresses up nicely to go to the casino at night, dresses even more nicely to sunbathe and drink all day, and spends the rest of the time either shagging or preparing to.

Halfway between soap opera drama and 80s-era (in everything from the design to the sexual politics) soft porn, it's a lurid treat for your eyes, not much for your intellect.

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