Year: 2010
Studio: Fox Searchlight
Director: Mark Duplass/Jay Duplass
Writer: Mark Duplass/Jay Duplass
Cast: John C Reilly, Marisa Tomei, Jonah Hill, Catherine Keener

This movie suffered from of a lack of knowledge about what it was. The story of a guy falling for a single mother but who's son is so overbearing the relationship threatens to derail sounds like the stuff of an Adam Sandler comedy, but the Duplass brothers have treated it seriously, more the mirthful story of an unhealthy pathology.

John (Reilly) is enamoured with new girlfriend Molly (Tomei), but the passive aggression and mindgames launched at him by her adult son Cyrus (Hill) are making him wonder if he's crazy and how long he should wait before speaking up to them both.

Molly and Cyrus have an altogether too-close relationship for their respective ages, and I actually found Molly rather than Cyrus the antagonist for enabling a man in his early 20s who's evidently a spoiled brat. He knows he has the power of an adult to make the world the way he wants it but combined with the selfishness of a child to make him try, it makes for a thoroughly unlikable character.

It's fairly sweet, but not as funny as you want it to be, and the resolution doesn't seem to add up to much other than the fact that those in the wrong realise as much and change their mind.

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