A Haunted House

Year: 2013
Production Co: Automatik
Director: Michael Tiddes
Producer: Marlon Wayans
Writer: Marlon Wayans
Cast: Marlon Wayans, David Koechner, Cedric the Entertainet

Do you need to know what this movie's like by reading a review? It's got the Wayans spoof comedy stamp all over it – taking the loose structure of a popular horror franchise and stringing together a series of fart and racial jokes to appeal to the Friedberg/Seltzer market.

Wayans is Malcolm, a regular Joe who buys a video camera to commemorate his girlfriend Kisha moving in. It all starts with her running over his beloved dog and goes downhill from there when it turns out she's possessed by a demon she's bought into their lives. If there's any talent involved, it's in the production design department for so faithfully recreating the warm suburban setting of Paranormal Activity.

From Cedric the Entertainer's exorcist priest and the swinging couple to the latently gay demonologist and you might get two or three chuckles if you're lucky. Otherwise you might be remembering all the puns you saw in the media about this kind of thing needing to be killed, not resurrected anymore, etc. And why do we keep getting these movies? Anything to do with it making $40m from a $2m budget?

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