Banana Joe

Year: 1982
Production Co: Derby Cinematografica
Director: Steno
Writer: Mario Amendola, Bruno Corbucci, Steno, Bud Spencer
Cast: Bud Spencer

There's a point where some of the villain's henchmen are coming towards the hero Joe's (Spencer) house to get heavy with him. one of the gangs of islander kids who Joe's friends with blow a raspberry and they all laugh.

Joe says 'No, you do it like this', and blows his own epic, minute-long raspberry that causes waves to crash over the little boat and send the mobsters paddling furiously in the other direction.

It's about a simple man who makes a living growing bananas on an island paradise, and when a corrupt businessman wants his land for a luxury development, he has to fight to save his home. The reason for telling you the above story was that after all this time, it's literally the only scene I remember from the whole movie.

Spencer and his sometime partner (it's so long ago I don't even remember the other guy's name) had a shtick, but it never extended much further than this sort of thing.

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