Robot Stories

Year: 2003
Production Co: Pak Film
Director: Greg Pak
Writer: Greg Pak
Cast: Greg Pak, Cindy Cheung

It's a bit of a more straight-laced Twilight Zone movie, dealing exclusively with some of the more imaginative uses of robots.

It seems to be an Asian-American coproduction of four stories about humans interacting with robots in worlds of the near future. Much of the quality in everything from the acting to the cinematography is straight-to-video at best, but there are some cute ideas explored.

From the couple that have to take care of a robot baby to assess their suitability as adoptive parents to lady who tries to understand her son by rebuilding his priceless collection of robot toys while he lies in a coma, they're stories more about our relationship to technology and how it can train us to better understand ourselves as people. Writer/director Greg Pak stars as the droid office drone who falls in love with a lady robot he can see form his window.

Most of the concepts are whimsical rather than groundbreaking and it's amusingly dated even in the decade or so since it was made (as I write this review). The 'current' technology in the movie is antique now, and some of the more outlandish concepts could be updated by what we've learned since.

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