Geographically Desirable

Year: 2014
Production Co: Nextnik Films
Director: Michael Kravinsky
Writer: Michael Kravinsky
Cast: Blair Bowers

Nicole (Blair Bowers) is a nighttime news producer in Washington DC who's slowly losing control of her life through lack of sleep, the wrong kind of man and overwork. At various points throughout the film we see her falling asleep inappropriately on couches, floors and a park bench. Something has to change.

When a call from her mother in her small hometown informs her that her Uncle has passed away, Nicole gets a few days off and travels home to a quirky place she barely thinks about but which welcomes her with open arms. When she arrives to find her Uncle has left her not only his dog but also his house, her first instinct is to sell it, cut and run.

But everyone from the handsome and obnoxious café owner to the big-haired, Southern Fried realtor keep Nicole coming back. It's not a big spoiler to say she'll find what she's looking for a million miles from where she's looking for it in love, happiness or the truth about who she really is there.

It's a very low-fi romantic comedy – there's no single distinctive element that really raises it above an overstuffed genre, and there are a few too many cliches and not enough surprises for it to really stay with you for long.

But even though it's neither very tightly edited nor very original, writer/director Mike Kravinsky's strongest creative talent might be in casting. Leading lady Bowers is so watchable she'll keep you interested.

Somewhere between quietly confident, the smart girl from your high school class and scatterbrained, she humanises a character that's somewhat undercooked in the script, and you'll hope she kicks out the wrong guy, gets promoted to the daytime shift and gets everything she wants in life.

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