Life Partners

Year: 2014
Production Co: Haven Entertainment
Director: Susannah Fogel
Writer: Susannah Fogel/Joni Lefkowitz
Cast: Leighton Meester, Gillian Jacobs, Adam Brody, Gabourey Sidibe

It's the perennial question, albeit asked in a vibrant new way. When your best friend in the world falls in love with someone, does that mean you've lost them forever?

Sasha (Meester) certainly thinks so when her lifelong friend Paige (Gillian Jacobs) starts to fall for the handsome Tim (Adam Brody, Meester's real-life partner).

And as a gay woman, Sasha knows not only that she has to share Paige with Tim, she'll never be able to completely share in what they have.

As Paige and Tim have their own problem coping with their newfound devotion thanks to family and personal issues as well as Sasha's increasing disillusionment, it seems like love's not worth it for anyone involved.

With only her support network of (mostly misfit) gay friends to get her through things, Sasha veers from one bad decision and piece of advice to another as Paige tries to give her as much attention as she can, all the while wondering if it's worth it because of the way Sasha is behaving. Desperate set-ups, falling in bed with the wrong people, the odd screaming match and a couple of comic set-ups ensue.

The script is fairly sharp and knowing, the leads are attractive and the performances suit the material well. It isn't a laugh out loud riot and nor is it a crushing tragedy. Co-writer/director Susannah Fogel has pitched it somewhere is the middle, and it's a cute and sweet mix of laughs and tears, and not too much in either direction at that.

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