Point Blank

Year: 2010
Production Co: LGM Productions
Director: Fred Cavayé
Writer: Fred Cavayé
Cast: Gilles Lallouche, Roschdy Zem, Elena Anaya

I'm going to go against the grain, I found this movie didn't really know whether it was a comedy or a thriller, and I also found it a bit colourless. As the hero Samuel, star Gilles Lellouche was a bit of a comic goofball, his rabbit-in-headlights look and constant air of desperation effectively conveying a man out of his depth but doing it to a degree that made him a humourous figure more than once.

By contrast, the danger posed to his beautiful pregnant wife Nadia (Elena Anaya) in his story was anything but comic, and when the two coexisted on screen, the results grate a little.

It's a classic wrong-place-wrong-time story as a nebbish nurse at a Paris hospital saves the life of criminal Sartet (Roschdy Zem) who's bought in for injuries visited on him by enemies in the criminal underworld.

When Sartet's men take Nadia hostage to force Samuel to spring Sartet from prison, he springs into desperate action, trying to avoid both the cops and Sartet's enemies who still want him dead. Gradually the two become allies of sorts when their common enemy becomes clear, and while running like madmen through the streets and subways of Paris with little respite to try and keep Samuel's wife alive, the bigger conspiracy they have to fight becomes clear.

The action is frenetic, but I suspect the Hollywood original from the late 60s is better.

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