Julia’s Eyes

Year: 2010
Production Co: Antena 3 Films
Director: Guillem Morales
Writer: Guillem Morales/Oriol Paulo
Cast: Belén Rueda

I'm a bit hard pressed to remember many of the details of this story a few weeks after I watched the movie. The impression I have of it is that it was fairly high quality, a chiller rather than a horror movie with no blood or cheap jump scares.

I do know it gives away the twist a bit early and changes gears completely after Julia (Belen Rueda) finds herself in the villain's clutches, going from a mystery to just a survival thriller, albeit with a high concept plot device as the heroine is effectively blindfolded the whole time.

When Julia's twin sister kills herself late one night, Julia – who has the same degenerative eye disorder that will eventually send her blind like her sister was – suspects there was something else afoot.

With the help of a kindly neighbour her sister was friends with and the mysterious, jedi-like caretaker at a local support group it turns out her sister was a part of, she alone is determined to find out who witnessed her sister's death and why - even though nobody from her husband to the cops believe her.

It's very plot-filled, twisting and turning in every direction, but even though not a lot about it stands out in hindsight, it's an effective thriller. With the post-reveal sequence over half an hour long it also starts to overstay its welcome, but the performances are earnest and there's a similar vibe to The Orphanage (having as it does the same creative brains trust behind it).

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