Get Hard

Year: 2015
Production Co: Gary Sanchez Productions
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Etan Cohen
Producer: Will Ferrell/Adam McKay
Writer: Jay Martel/Ian Roberts/Etan Cohen/Adam McKay
Cast: Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Craig T Nelson, Alison Brie

Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell do that thing they do. Is it funny? Sure, but if you expected something more I'd question your ability to know what a movie's going to deliver.

The theme is stereotypes, and the high concept is that rich, successful hedge fund manager James (Ferrell) is banged up for financial fraud and told he has 30 days to get his affairs in order before going to the slammer.

Fearing the worst kind of treatment inside, he asks the guy who runs the car wash in the basement of his building, Darnell (Hart), to help him get hardened up so he'll survive the gangs, riots and thugs in San Quentin.

He assumes Darnell can teach him such lessons because the latter's black, but little does James know Darnell's just a hard working family man with no criminal or fighting experience. Sensing an opportunity to fund the car wash of his dreams, Darnell agrees to help, pretending to know all about the thug life.

Cue lots of comic set pieces of the blind leading the blind, neither one as hard as they want/are pretending to be.

The backbone of a plot upon which it's all hung is that James is determined to clear his name, and you're sure the CEO of the firm (Craig T Nelson) – who's daughter James is engaged to – will have something to do with it all.

It's a movie as an excuse for a bunch of jokes, and Ferrell and Hart have enough chemistry to make it work.

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