Sex and Zen

Year: 1991
Studio: Golden Harvest
Director: Michael Mak
Writer: Alexander Lee/Ying Kit Lee/Yu Li

A few years before writing this review I saw a 3D remake of this film that was schlocky and at-times borderline offensive, so I wanted to see what the original was all about.

I needn't have bothered, the 2011 3D version was indeed a remake of the same story of a nobleman who can't satisfy his new wife and so gets a horse penis transplanted onto him, leading to a whole bevy of naked and sexual escapades as he sets about putting it to good use.

It's played for a high laugh quotient rather than any real sense of eroticism and as before (or in the future, depending on what order you watch them), the sexual politics are somewhere between dubious and appalling – even if it is treated as comedy.

There are plenty of naked bodies for the pervy, lots of high camp for groups who appreciate trash, and not much more.

And as I suspected while watching it, it didn't come from China proper, where the director would probably have been sent off to a re-education camp. It was made by Golden Harvest, the company behind the Hong Kong chop socky movement that made Jackie Chan a star (and was at the time flush with money thanks to the first live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

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