Dave Bautista – Spectre

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Who is Mr Hinx and how does he fit into the story?

It's so hard to venture on this question because you really don't want to give out any details but I'll describe him the best I can.

Well, he's a member of Spectre. He's very intelligent, he's very methodical. He's a bit elegant, very well dressed and very manicured and very focused. But at the same time he's a very light-hearted character. He had kind of a carefree feel about him. He enjoys what he's doing. He's not trying to be sinister.

Any real life influences you brought to the character?

No, because my audition had nothing to do with the character. I wasn't given the script until after I was given the part so I didn't have a clear vision of what he would be. Before I knew anything about the character I just knew he was a bad ass in the film.

I went to meet with Sam and I asked him a lot of questions. One I already knew the answer to; is Mr Hinx a bad ass? He said 'yes absolutely'. Next was 'is Mr Hinx intelligent?' Because my fear is that I'm always given the part of a big musclehead so it's always a very important thing to me.

He said Mr Hinx is very intelligent and those were the two things that I was concerned about. He said he didn't believe there's a member of Spectre that's not intelligent. Which is great, man.

Do you have a bad guy philosophy or take it one role at a time?

For me what makes a good villain scarier is the people who aren't trying to be intimidating or over the top, trying to scare people. The Hannibal Lector-type characters who aren't trying to be terrifying but they're just saying the right thing but with a deadpan face and a thousand yard stare, those are the type of characters that are scary to me.

Is it tricky not to be intimidating when you're Dave Bautista?

No, if you spent a minute talking to me you'll lose sight that I look like a six hundred pound gorilla. Especially if you see the kind of stuff I'm into, it's usually pretty geeky.

Do you have to dig your heels in to get offered the parts you want rather than just be the musclebound bad guy?

Yeah, and it really is hard finding great scripts these days. My agent would kill me if he heard me say this, but I don't want to be a part of shit films.

I want to be in stuff that's good storytelling, that's why I'm a fan and love movies so much. It's good storytelling, it's good characters, good performances – that's the kind of stuff I want to be involved with.

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