Sector 7

Year: 2011
Production Co: CJ Entertainment
Director: Ji-hoon Kim
Writer: JK Youn

There's a very unique aesthetic in Korean horror or disaster movies which you can see everywhere from top quality ones like The Host to the schlocky tragi-comedy of tsunami thriller Haeundae. While we think of Asian cultures as being reserved and quiet and Americans as being emotionally over the top, movies like Sector 7 are unique in their lack of subtlety – in everything from the special effects to the dialogue exchanges between characters.

Aside from the exaggerated approach in the script and on the screen, not much else is new. It's another Alien clone as a rough and ready oil rig crew in the oceans off Korea awaken a creature that's been stirred from its sleep at the bottom of the sea for millennia, etc etc.

The CGI is cheap and computer-gamey, the actors are all way over the top and the monster looks like an inside out uterus when it's finally revealed. The set-up and plot are already shackled to the premises of a million creature features that have come before, and it makes no effort to sidestep all the clichés those films have long since done to death.

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