The Unbelievers

Year: 2013
Production Co: FilmRise
Director: Gus Holwerda
Writer: Gus Holwerda/Luke Holwerda/Lawrence Krauss
Cast: Lawrence Krauss, Richard Dawkins

Balance this ain't. It's hardly a documentary, it's just a concert movie of two affirmed atheists (Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins) travelling all over the world, doing speaking engagements to people who are already on their side and agreeing with everything each other says.

The movie – like the messages both scientists are promoting – is preaching directly to the converted, and it leaves you wondering why it exists at all. Probably because some fanboy who had a production budget appealed to each man's natural thirst for adulation and validation of their opinions and wanted to show what cool, globe-trotting lifestyles they have.

It's been a long time since I wrote a review this short, but there's just so little to talk about in the film itself. If you're interested enough in the topic to have watched this in the first place you'll know all the arguments and points of view on display.

There's an interesting moment when a conference on atheism in Melbourne is picketed by God botherers, but it doesn't go anywhere. A better version of this movie would have included some religious talking heads and put them together with Krauss and Dawkins to argue it out.

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