Requiem For the American Dream

Year: 2015
Production Co: Naked City Films
Director: Peter D Hutchison/Kelly Nyks/Jared P Scott
Producer: Peter D Hutchison/Kelly Nyks/Jared P Scott
Writer: Peter D Hutchison/Kelly Nyks/Jared P Scott

If you've seen Power and Terror, the strangely shlocky 2002 documentary on Noam Chomsky, or any other projects about him, you've seen Requiem For The American Dream.

Even though it's taking a particular theme (the reason why so much wealth and power hands up in the hands of so few in the western capitalist system) as its focus, Chomsky's views and observations are fairly constant, and he's such a wide ranging and intelligent thinker they can be applied to many different areas of life from economic corruption to science.

If you're a fan of Chomsky's work and outlook, you'll know most of the content of Requiem, and to be completely honest you're better off going straight to the source and reading his own books on terrorism, economics, politics or society. The insight is indeed penetrating, well thought out and seemingly right on the money, but you're getting it second hand.

Despite that, the quality of the film is higher than most work about (rather than by) Chomsky, the accompanying animated segments giving his comments context and with an aesthetic mood that you should feel about the topic to begin with – slightly dark, simmering anger.

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