Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World

Year: 2016
Production Co: Saville Productions
Director: Werner Herzog
Producer: Werner Herzog

This felt like the kind of documentary Herzog just tossed off when he lined up a few hundred grand and had a couple of weeks spare.

I wouldn't call it slight, exactly (everything that has his noble tones narrating it feels like War & Peace), but if you know anything about technology there's not much you don't already know and it feels like the kind of thing that should have been made 15 years ago, like your aged father excitedly telling you about how he's just figured out how to use his mobile.

Like a lot of stories about computers and technology where there aren't really any exciting visuals to look at, there's a lot of animation and stock footage of servers, little lights whizzing along lines, etc.

Still, Herzog manages to insert some stories you don't expect if you're waiting for a hagiography about the triumphs of the data age – like the lady so allergic to wireless radiation she had to move to a wilderness and the family still in mourning after a tragic brush with cyberbullying.

But he also rounds up the usual suspects (Elon Musk, Lawrence Krause) to dream big about what the information age is going to bring about, from AI to cybernetic humans.

In a lot of ways it's more about the cult of Herzog than what it has to say – coming from any other moviemaker it wouldn't make much of a splash on VOD, let alone be the Sundance hit it was.

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