When We First Met

Production Co: Footprint Features
Director: Ari Sandel
Writer: John Whittington
Cast: Adam Devine, Alexandra Daddario, Shelly Hennig, Andrew Bachelor, Robbie Amen

Ordinarily this is one of the last kind of movies I'd watch – you can tell every story beat just from the trailer – but I'm a such a fan of the milk-skinned Alexandra Daddario with her eyes like crystal brooks and her demeanour seeming to be as soft and warm as her heart-stopping physique I'd watch anything she acts in.

The premise is every inch a modern romantic comedy of errors. Funny guy Noah (Adam Devine) holds a very big torch for Avery (Daddario), and has for years since he met her, but she's about to marry Ethan (Robbie Amell), having put Noah decisively in the friend zone the night they met at a Halloween party.

But thanks to some Macguffin I couldn't even remember (an antique photo booth at the bar they spent their first evening together, but I had to look that up), Noah gets the chance to travel back through time. Rather than bet on races or stocks to make himself a fortune like most of us would, he sets about retooling his first meeting with Avery to make her fall in love with him instead. And like the ace Ashton Kutcher thriller The Butterfly Effect from years ago, every time he changes the past, the future doesn't add up to quite what he wanted.

There's more to the story and more people involved than that, but after only a few weeks that's honestly all I can remember. Daddario is like a few other actresses (Amanda Seyfried, Britt Robertson and Rebecca Hall among them) who are so luminous to look at they don't even have to try very hard, but thankfully Devine works too as the klutzy and smart-mouthed but lovable hero, a character that could easily have been irritating if taken too far.

It's got throwaway direction and cinematography and it's the kind of thing Netflix are probably bankrolling when they empty out the biscuit barrel money in their head office kitchen once a week. It's also the first time I've seen a new media star make a leap into leagues this big, recognising Andrew Bachelor as Noah's best friend Max from his Vine and YouTube following.

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