Animal Among Us

Year: 2019
Production Co: Hollow Tree Productions
Director: John Woodruff
Writer: Jonathan Murphy
Cast: Larissa Oleynik

Much like recent horror thriller Tone Deaf that similarly went off in so many strange tangents it was rendered an incomprehensible mess, this movie either had no idea what it set out to be or the essential kernel of the story was utterly lost in the edit.

Years before, there was a murder (apparently captured on video that we see snippets of throughout) of two young women at a remote campground. It was chalked up as an animal attack, but it seems it was actually the mythical sasquatch.

In the present days a blogger talks his way into the property where two young, attractive sisters are determined to put the past behind them and reopen the campground for business. The problem is that the real killer is still on the loose, and screams are set to ring out again…

I’m not going to reveal here whether it was actually a sasquatch or not because even though the reveal about the real killer is pretty stupid, it’s the main pivot in the third act and to talk about it would be to render the experience of watching the rest of the movie redundant.

There’s only one reason to recommend it and that’s the performance of star Larissa Oleynik. She’s such a natural and effortless presence it’s a pleasure to watch, even with a script this dire and a story this shambolic.

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