Our RoboCop Remake

Year: 2014
Director: Various
Writer: Various

This crowdsourced fanfic parody is a scattershot, often hilarious, completely unexpected effort. As the name suggests, it remakes Paul Verhoeven's 1987 classic in its entirety, with a different director taking each scene and making of it what they will.

Sometimes it's a change in form, like in Murphy and Boddicker's warehouse confrontation just before the gruesome murder scene, which is enacted completely by babies dressed like the cop and the criminal gang. Plenty of other sequences are animated. When the cops go on strike and Boddicker's gang comes back together on the streets ridden with crime and chaos, it's portrayed with a dizzying number of split screens showing the action, whatever's playing on the TV Emil is trying to watch through the TV store window and interview footage of the actors who were vying for parts in the film.

The classic Ed-209 malfunction scene is done with actors working alongside puppets. When he blows the Mr Kinney puppet away it sprays stuffing rather than blood and guts everywhere. Some scenes contain superimposed or composited footage from the original movie, some are just actors in hilariously shoddy suits. There's a scene portrayed entirely using a dance number. Another is done using Playmobil figures, complete with the hands manipulating them. The scene where Robocop confronts Leon in the dance club is done like an 8 bit video game.

Other scenes are more traditionally shot but the scene goes somewhere different or funny. After the convenience store incident, when RoboCop stops the scumbag committing the robbery, he asks to use the bathroom while the proprieters wonder what he's doing and why he needs one, after which he returns and casually tells them he had to jerk off because murder 'gives him boners'.

The New Year's Eve party seen from Robocop's point of view when he's bought back online gets more and more raucous. When Boddicker coems to Morton's house to kill him at Jones' behest, he instead joins in with party of cocaine and models and Morton is done in by drug-fuelled carelessness.

Each new scene has a title card telling you who directed it, and some of them were names I actually recognised. It's a fitting tribute not just to a movie you already know by heart and love, but to the very practice of loving it. All the ridiculous possibilities that have emerged from pizza and beer viewing parties of it are here in the flesh.

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