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Filmism.net is a collection of film reviews by the author with the intention of collecting them all in one place and accessing/presenting them attractively and easily. It’s completely a one man show and it’s all not for profit, so there’s no guarantee there isn’t one or two spelling or factual errors. If you find one, help Filmism.net out – email to report any errors, or for that matter to make a comment, impart criticism, disagree with a review or ask a question.


It couldn’t be easier – just click in the box and type the name of your favourite movie, character, actor, filmmaker or even the studio or production company into the search box. We’ll return all the reviews, news or other fun stuff that contains your search term.


You might see some Filmism.net reviews or features in other film media both on and offline. In each case they are the property of their respective copyright owners, but have been reproduced here in accordance with the laws of Fair Use and Fair Dealing.

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