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17/4/21 – Now here’s a Disney movie I’ll be first in line for. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumulo are going to play Cinderella’s stepsisters. More

17/4/21 – Sad to hear about the very premature passing of Helen McCrory at 52. @MichaelSheen was great as Tony Blair more than once and she played his wife Cherie. More

1/4/21 – I know I’m in a tiny minority, but there’s nothing that would make me want to revisit the Knives Out world. Netflix just paid $400, for two sequels. More

26/3/21 – Sad news. I’m enjoying her voice work in Archer as we speak. Jessica Walter, the family matriarch from Arrested Development and countless others, has died aged 80. More

13/3/21 – After a quick re-release in China, Avatar is once again the highest grossing movie ever, edging out Avengers: Endgame. More

12/3/21 – There’s a movie called The Lost City of D coming up. Is it a distant prequel to The Lost City of Z? More

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