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1/10/23 – And here, finally revealed, is one of the main reasons Disney bought 20th Century Fox. More

28/9/23 – It’s a bit sad all the stories about Michael Gambon’s death lead with ‘Harry Potter’. He had a much deeper and richer career in his life. RIP at 82. More

16/9/23 – The Lando Disney+ series is now going to be a movie. More

8/9/23 – I feel like I’ve been talking about the reboot of one of my favourite movies, The Crow, forever, but it’s just moved forward a bit more with Lionsgate putting up serious money. More

28/8/23 – I still think this news story is an April Fools prank. Vin Diesel in Rock Em Sock Em Robots? Lena Dunham directing Polly Pocket? Daniel Kaluuya producing Barney? Major Matt Mason starring Tom Hanks? Is someone at Mattel tweaking? More

28/8/23 – Barbie has overtaken Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 to become Warner Bros biggest movie ever. More

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