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You might not have noticed, but when you visit the Filmism.net homepage the title shows a classic movie quote.

In case you’ve missed any in the past, here they are again. See if you know the film each one’s from before you click the links…

I didn’t know you were called Dennis Know it?

Watch your mouth boy if you like this job Know it?

He’s home… washing his tights Know it?

Dispatch War rocket Ajax… to bring back his body Know it?

They’re coming for you, Barbara Know it?

This is not a good day to be a bad guy… huh Skank? Know it?

The boat can leave now Know it?

Do you have a kiss for Daddy? Know it?

Peltzer this is a bank, not a pet store Know it?

Sweet Jesus, dear Rockefeller Know it?

What about guns, when do we get guns? Know it?

Mozart’s dead, his troubles are over, help me! Know it?

How about this leaflet, ‘Famous Jewish Sports Legends’? Know it?

She wanted to make love on a real train Know it?

I’ll kill a thousand of ’em. He’s gonna die Know it?

Doctor, doctor. Glad I’m not sick Know it?

Angus pees his kilt all the time Know it?

Hello, this is Chuck to remind Bill to shut… up Know it?

It’s called Dancing With the Stars, not Dancing With the Coaches Know it?

I don’t care if he’s from Tasmania Know it?

My prediction? …Pain Know it?

Fifteen is my limit on schnitzengruben Know it?

They’ll eat anything, even each other Know it?

Say auf weidersehn to your Nazi balls Know it?

Look you stupid bastard, you’ve got no arms left Know it?

Do you know what ‘nemesis’ means? Know it?

Incidentally. Which one of you bitches is my mother? Know it?

Take your shot Funboy. You got me dead bang Know it?

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K Know it?

You’re nothing but street grease, ya hear that? Know it?

The people they kill get up and kill Know it?

Hold onto your butts Know it?

Names is for tombstones baby Know it?

This number is a longitude Know it?

If I wanted to truth I’d have hired 60 minutes Know it?

Angry? That car is pissed Know it?

And did Galoka think that the ooloos were too ugly to save? Know it?

Your mother made her speciality… spam with cream sauce Know it?

How do you say indispensable? Know it?

As you know, our blockade is perfectly legal Know it?

You hear me talkin’ hillbilly boy? Know it?

Would you say I have a plethora of pinatas? Know it?

I have no home, no family, no principles. What else would I kill for? Know it?

Let ‘im go or every black man in Chicago vote for Ridnitz Know it?

You’re excited? Feel these nipples Know it?

Bullshit Mr Han Man Know it?

Get this straight meatball. I don’t work for toons! Know it?

I mean can you trust that bastard? Know it?

The only winning move is not to play Know it?

Those who are late do not get fruit cup Know it?

Who the hell do you think went through there, some guy in an ape suit? Know it?

I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks Know it?

Did anyone of you guys order an asshole from room service? Know it?

Why are you still hitting me? He’s going to cut my fingers off Know it?

Who throws a shoe? Honestly Know it?

I’m sorry, I don’t do impressions, my training is in psychiatry Know it?

Is this your desk? 45 miles per hour, that’s awfully fast for a desk Know it?

For starters, don’t ever kiss me again Know it?

You’re ripping me apart Lisa Know it?

Get the damn screwdriver out of my head Know it?

It’s a robot. Ash is a goddamn robot Know it?

Let’s play global… thermonuclear… war Know it?

Too much bondage too much bondage, not enough discipline Know it?

Let’s face it, you can’t Torquemada anything Know it?

Put the bunny back in the box Know it?

We gotta hurry, I got a lunch Know it?

Oh God I wish I was a loofah Know it?

I’ll take you to the bank Senator… The blood bank Know it?

So be it… Jedi Know it?

I’m not wearing any pants. Film at 11 Know it?

Exthuthe me, why are you banging you head like that? Know it?

What a dramatic airport! Know it?

Hold me… like you held that duck Know it?

We’re going to federal pound me in the ass prison Know it?

Chilli dogs are what I need to relax, salami too Know it?

Anything to declare? Yeah, don’t go to England Know it?

Top… men Know it?

Mr De Niro? We’ve got to get inside Know it?

No…. wire…. HANGERS! Know it?

You know, just a little funny. And uh, he went and did a silly thing Know it?

You was all like ‘oh phooey I burned the darn muffins’ Know it?

Man, are you hungry? I haven’t eaten since later this afternoon Know it?

60 percent of the time it works… every time Know it?

Attention! Attention! There’s a herd of giant killer rabbits headed this way Know it?

I mean wake up and smell the coffee, Muffy Know it?

Filipino Tilt-a-Whirl operators are this nation’s backbone Know it?

No one. These planes were reported missing in 1945 Know it?

We spent our last few hours together at the Rainbow Room, dancing a slow dance Know it?

The only way to stop those possessed by the spirits of the book is through the act of… bodily dismemberment Know it?

Severe shell shock. Thinks he’s Ethel Merman Know it?

Why is he chewin’ on a ball? Know it?

Your lemon squares taste like ass Know it?

Let’s go, it’s gonna be a car chase… Door’s locked, no chase Know it?

No I want you to fuck it. Shit yes, pour the fuckin’ beer Know it?

It’s a big building with patients, but that’s not important right now. Know it?

What kind of father’s that? Kill ‘im! Know it?

We’ve picked up another splinter. A big one Know it?

I’ll have a half double decaffeinated half caf… with a twist of lemon Know it?

Rommel. You magnificent bastard. I read your book! Know it?

Out to a movie. That okay witchoo? Know it?

Do you like making love with me? More than you like peanut butter? Know it?

I don’t care if he kicks old ladies in the teeth. He’s good to me Know it?

Listen Betty, don’t start up with your white zone shit again Know it?

You know what they say about blind prostitutes? You really have to hand it to them Know it?

Your life will be worth less than a bucket of dead rats in a tampon factory Know it?

You do your job, pencil-neck. Don’t tell me how to do mine! Know it?

Well you’re dead now, so shut up! Know it?

Judy’s lubricated horse cocks aside Know it?

They’re dead. They’re all messed up Know it?

Want to know what the tape player’s for? It’s to tape things Know it?

We’re not Mexicans, we’re from out of town Know it?

What are you, nuts? Look at my tits! Know it?

There’s something out there, and it ain’t no man Know it?

They mostly come out at night… mostly Know it?

Help! Help! I’m being repressed… Know it?

Prepare to meet Kali… in hell! Know it?

Bernie, I said, they’ll never make their money back Know it?

What’s next Kessler, Duck’s Breath? Know it?

My density has bought me to you Know it?

It can’t be bargained with! It can’t be reasoned with! It doesn’t feel pity! Know it?

If this is a consular ship where is the ambassador? Know it?

Very well then, I’ll charge you fifty bucks a pop Know it?

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