Office Space

Year: 1999
Director: Mike Judge
Cast: Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, Gary Cole
Someone who's worked in corporate America wrote and directed this film - from the computer software that takes forever to save a document when you're desperate to get away from the boss and the warm and fuzzy banner trying to make everyone feel like a family to the efficiency experts trying to retrench you and the door handle that zaps you with static every morning.

Livingston plays tens of millions of professional workers throughout the western world. He hates his job at a software company that hammers home messages of working hard for the firm (personified by his obnoxious boss) while trying to cut as many staff as they can. While seeing an 'occupational hypnotherapist' with his girlfriend, the psychiatrist keels over dead, leaving him in a permanent state of acting how he'd really love to at work. He tells it like it is to the efficiency experts - who paradoxically see him as 'real management material', finally has the courage to pursue the beautiful waitress at his local coffee shop (Aniston), and hatches the ultimate scheme to rip the company off by $300,000 with two co-workers.

An adequate story and performances to showcase some knife edged observations of modern white collar life.

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